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Getlokal helps businesses to attract, reward and retain customers and people to find great local places.
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What is Getlokal

Getlokal helps small businesses set-up and run their own loyalty and reward programmes helping them to retain their customers and giving them an advantage over their competitors. Businesses using Getlokal are able to get real-time information on customers who have joined their loyalty programme and to interact directly with them. By replacing paper and card-based loyalty programmes with a mobile app-based solution Getlokal appeals to today’s consumers who want greater, more dynamic interaction with their favourite businesses. Consumers no longer need to carry lots of paper cards around with them waiting for the chance to visit a business. They can join multiple loyalty programmes from the same app and can always have their loyalty card with them whenever they visit one of their favourite places.


Getlokal has been developed for all consumers who want to be made to feel special by the places they visit and like being rewarded for their loyalty. Simply download the Getlokal mobile app to your smartphone (iOS and Android), join the loyalty programme offered by your favourite place and start collecting points. When you have collected all the points associated with the programme you will receive a voucher on your smartphone. Show the voucher to the business and collect your reward. As simple as that. And if your favourite place doesn’t have a loyalty programme yet, tell them about Getlokal and suggest that they join and start rewarding their loyal customers.


Research suggests that the cost of keeping a customer is around 10% of the cost of acquiring a new one. Add to that the fact that existing customers tend to spend more than new customers and that they tell their friends about you and there is a compelling reason why you should work hard to keep your customers.

Building a loyal customer base really helps you to grow your business. Loyal customers typically make up 20% of your customer base but generate up to 80% of your revenues. So increasing the proportion of loyal customers by even a small amount can really affect your business in a positive way.

Where we work

The Getlokal mobile app works globally allowing anyone to add and discover places wherever they are. We welcome people adding their own favourite places and publishing reviews and photos about them to make their own local list of favourite places. Getlokal loyalty is currently available in selected countries where we have a local operation.

But you have to earn loyal customers, and never more so than in today’s fast changing world where new competitors spring up every day and consumers are more and more demanding. Of course having great products and services is very important, but you already have these, and nowadays you cannot afford to stop there. Consumers want more. They want to be treated well, be made to feel special and be rewarded in return for their loyalty.

You need to run your own loyalty programme that tracks your customers’ behaviour and rewards them when they reach a certain number of visits and purchases with you. In the past this has been difficult, time-consuming and expensive, and frankly out of the reach of many small businesses.

We have developed Getlokal specifically to address these issues. Our solution does not require the installation of any additional hardware or the integration of any software. It is quick and easy to set up and run and is very cost-effective.

Getlokal offers a very simple, easy to understand and operate loyalty programme which is suitable for all types of consumer facing business.

Users download the Getlokal app to their smartphone and join your scheme by scanning a QR code which is unique to your programme. Every time they make a purchase of a product or service covered by your programme they scan the QR code and when they have collected the set number of points a voucher is generated on their smartphone. This voucher is exchanged for a reward, which is typically the product or service item free of charge.

Setting up your own loyalty programme is quick and easy. Simply register your business on Getlokal and access your own admin panel. Add details about your business which may include a description and photos. Decide how you want to run your loyalty programme and enter the details. Getlokal generates a QR code which is unique to your business and programme. Simply print out the QR code which you will use with your customers.

Customers join your programme by downloading the Getlokal app to their smartphone and scanning your QR code. Then each time a customer who is a member of your programme purchases the associated product or service show them the QR code. They scan the QR code using the Getlokal app collecting a point which is saved on the app. When they have collected all the points required, Getlokal generates a voucher on their smartphone which they redeem for a reward.

You will be able to track progress at all times and see how many customers have joined your programme, who has collected points, which customers are close to getting the reward, who has already received their reward etc. You are able to message your customers, to make special offers or encourage them to visit your business again soon, and more.


Loyalty may be defined as a strong feeling of support for, or allegiance to, an idea or cause. Today we recognise that people become loyal to products and businesses through the actions of companies and their beliefs. We all like to feel special and well treated by the businesses where we choose to spend our time and money and those businesses that look after us well, with good products and services coupled with some form of reward programme, give us great reasons to return and to continue spending our money with them.

Businesses that recognise the value in keeping their customers, run loyalty programmes that reward them. In return customers come back to the business because they know that they will be well treated and that they are highly appreciated. In the past, simple paper cards were often used to run loyalty programmes, but these didn’t provide any real benefit to either consumers or businesses. Consumers don’t want to carry lots of paper cards all the time and businesses want to be able to really get to know their customers. Today, more sophisticated solutions are required.

Consumers want to interact with their favourite places via mobile devices, specifically their smartphones. They want to receive special offers and messages that are just for them. Businesses need to be able to communicate directly with their customers and to be able to track their purchases and preferences and collect other valuable customer related data. In the past such sophisticated loyalty and reward programmes were beyond the reach of many small businesses. By replacing paper card-based schemes with a mobile app-based solution Getlokal is making it easy for small businesses and consumers to interact and to build loyalty together.

Our products

Getlokal replaces paper loyalty cards with a mobile app which is far more efficient and useful to both consumers and businesses. Our entry-level product allows consumers to collect points each time they purchase the product or service that the business has included in their programme. When they have collected the predetermined number of points they become eligible for a reward which is typically the next purchase of the product or service free. This is easily described as “buy an item and collect a point. Collect 10 points and get the item free”. Higher level and more flexible loyalty schemes are being developed and will be made available to businesses that have successfully run entry-level programmes.

Meet the Team

Nick Saunders

CEO and Co-Founder

Nick is a seasoned professional having built several businesses over a varied and successful career. Getlokal is his second start-up following a successful exit from his first business. Nick and Marta have worked together for more than 10 years initially building an on-line directory business and latterly founding Getlokal.

Marta Messechkova

Product Development and Co-Founder

Marta has worked in digital media for her whole career with both large and small companies. Following seven years with Yell Group plc in the UK she joined the team working on Nick’s first start-up before co- founding Getlokal with Nick.

Agustina Ariztía

Sales and Marketing

Agustina joined Getlokal Chile in June 2016. She has previous experience in marketing and advertising and is part of the sales team promoting the benefits of loyalty programmes to small businesses and acquiring customers. Agustina works closely with our Community Manager to ensure that our marketing and sales activities are aligned. She also manages the administration of our Chilean customers.

Catalina Sapunar


Catalina studied Business Administration at University Desarrollo. She joined Getlokal Chile in March at the start of the project working with Nick to develop and launch Getlokal in Chile. Catalina handles all local marketing activities and has been active in recruiting local people to test our products and undertake initial pre-launch activities.

Maccarena Kutchartt

Sales and Marketing

Maccarena Kutchartt studied Business Administration at Austral University. She joined Getlokal Chile in June 2016 and she is actively contributing to the Sales and Marketing team. Maccarena’s role is to acquire new clients in different parts of Santiago, create strategies to get these clients and promote how loyalty programmes can help to develop small businesses.

Catalina Quiroga

Sales and Marketing

Catalina studied Business at Andrés Bello University. She joined Getlokal Chile in June 2016 and she is actively contributing to the Sales and Marketing team. Catalina’s function is to affiliate different types of business and inform them about the benefits of loyalty programmes, and also to support our marketing and communication activities aimed at the acquisition of businesses and users.

María Eugenia

Community Manager

Maria Eugenia is a Venezuelan national. She is a social communicator with experience in digital journalism. She joined the Getlokal Chile team in August 2016 and is responsible for managing social networks and the digital marketing of our loyalty programme and our mobile apps.

Ralica Stoleva

Ralica manages all customer content for Getlokal BG. She has many years of experience in on-line writing, editing and publishing which she puts to good use in promoting our clients. Customers often commission her to produce all of their entry in Getlokal including the business description, choice of photos and content of their loyalty programme. Ralica also monitors and manages profitable online marketing campaigns in Google Adwords.